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    Broadview Thomson offers a wide array of enrichment programs for children in grades K-8. Some of these programs are offered within the school day, while others are offered either before or after school. Below is a list of programs offered:

    In-School Programs:

    Story Book.png

    The library’s central location speaks immediately to students of the importance of books in their lives. In addition, it provides story time for primary students, ready access to research materials,computers, lunch time activities, and a wide variety of audio-visual materials. An annual book fair exposes students and parents to quality children’s literature, both new and old.

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    Our full-time general music program is hands-on with real-world music making experiences that are standards based. The music curriculum builds on student interests, abilities, knowledge and skills from year to year.

    Students participate in a range of culminating projects and performances that celebrate their individual as well as collective growth in a group setting.

    The music program offers something for every student as students learn to sing, play instruments, compose and arrange music, read and write music, listen analytically and make cross curricular connections through music while integrating dance, drama and visual arts to enrich student learning.

    Culminating performances foster student leadership and are designed to include students at each grade level whether performing at assemblies, evening concerts, school-wide events, or out within the community.

    We also have a part time instrumental instructor who conducts weekly classes in string, woodwind, and brass instruments for our 4th and 5th grade students


    All of our students participate in physical education for at least ½ of the school year. We have 2 full-time PE teachers. The effort is to teach students to "learn to move" and to "move to learn".

    It is developmentally appropriate, student centered, inclusive, and focuses on presenting a variety of movement options for learning, leisure, and for life.

    Our technology program provides students with hands-on, inquiry-based curriculum that emphasizes research and information fluency, including opportunities for the application of new skills that promote personal goals, interests and creativity.

    Performance indicators are based on the following state and national standards:

    Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)
    Washington State Educational Technology Standards

    International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
    National Educational Technology Standards for Students

    Before and After-School Programs:

    Athletics  6-8th grade:
    Broadview Thomson offers athletic teams for all students in the middle school grades. Games are coordinated by the Seattle Schools athletic department and Broadview competes against the other K-8 schools within the district.

    Coaches are well qualified for the position, and devote their time to building individual skills as well as building team dynamics among the students.

    Here are the sports offered for each season:

    FALL: Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee, Girls Soccer

    WINTER: Boys and Girls Basketball

    SPRING: Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Co-Ed Track

    Arts (Music, Drama, Dance)

    Art Wizards
    Foundation for all visual art creation is drawing—oil paint, watercolor, or clay.

    We teach children how to apply these skills to projects that are exciting to them using chalk and oil pastels, pencils, watercolors, and markers.

    Private company, Fee.

    Drama Club

    Drama, dance, music and visual arts are incorporated into our Broadview Thomson Drama Club. Students will have responsibility for production elements such as stage crew, set design and costuming.

    Each drama session ends with a performance at school during the day and then again in the evening for the students’ parents, family, and friends.

    Fee covers scripts, rights to the materials, sets, snacks and costumes etc. Students gain confidence, using effective communication skills to perform as a troupe.

    For questions:
    Contact: Fee.

    Other Activities:

    Chess Club
    Meets once a week, Chess Mates sponsors 3 tournaments a year. Fee.