Broadview-Thomson K-8


Racial Equity Team

Broadview-Thomson PK-8 is proud to have a strong Racial Equity Team made up of staff and community members. lLearn more about Seattle Public Schools Racial Equity Teams.

Each year, students participate in activities for Black Lives Matter Week. 

Why #BlackLivesMatter in Your Classroom Too
by Cornelius Minor

Quotes from the reading:

“To continue with business as usual, to do nothing, to be “neutral” is a passive declaration of racism because the system that we are most intimately connected with—school—will continue to produce unjust outcomes for people of color. To be anti-racist is to be actively involved with the disruption of these systems.”

“Being an advocate for black lives does not mean that I am an advocate against any other lives. When we make the conscious decision to address persisting injustices, this broadens access to justice for everyone.”