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Counseling Programs

The Counseling Department at Broadview-Thomson is integral in promoting a safe and caring school environment and supporting the social/emotional development of students.

Our counselors provide individual and small group counseling, consult with parents and teachers about barriers to achievement, and promote a safe and caring school environment through classroom lessons and conflict mediation.

Positive Behavior Intervention Support

Broadview-Thomson believes in honoring students who are positive members of the school community. Students may be rewarded for showing positive behavior throughout the day.

Student can be awarded Paw Slips for one of the following acts: responsibility, respect, and safety.

The paw slips are brought down to the office and every morning, the principal chooses one paw slip and the winning student is featured in the morning announcements and invited down for a prize.

Our middle school students attend a Student of the Month assembly each month that recognizes students in each subject that have demonstrated positive behavior in class, as well as academic initiative.