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Athletics – Middle School

Broadview-Thomson Athletics

Broadview-Thomson offers a variety of Fall, Winter and Spring sports for our Middle School students.

Broadview students in 6th-8th grade are encouraged to participate in middle school sports! Playing a sport is a great way to stay physically active while being with your friends at the same time.

Our coaches welcome both new and experienced players and will help you further your skills no matter your experience level.

We’ve had great teams at Broadview for many years and we need to keep that tradition alive. We hope you’ll consider joining a Broadview sports team so that you can represent Broadview!

All players will need a sports physical to practice and play in games. Sports physicals last for 2 years!

Speak with Mr. Robertson in Room 207 if you need any sports paperwork or email him at

Team Sports at Broadview-Thomson

Fall Sports

Girls Soccer
Ultimate Frisbee

Winter Sports

Girls Basketball
Girls Basketball

Spring Sports

Boys Soccer
Girls Volleyball
Co-ed Track

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I turn in all of the paperwork?

Please return all forms to Mr. Robertson, the main office, or Mr. Robertson’s mailbox in the main office.

What are sports physicals?

Sports physicals are a quick check by a doctor to see if it’s safe for you to play sports. They are valid for two years. Be sure to schedule a sports physical early with your doctor/physician to ensure that your child has a valid sports physical before the season starts. Students cannot attend practice or play in a game until they have a valid sports physical that clears them for participation. You do not have to go to YOUR doctor in order to get a valid physical. Care Clinics inside Bartell Drugs can provide sports physicals for $50.

When are the games and where are they held?

Games for all sports are on Saturdays ranging from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. When the District makes the schedules they will be passed out to students. The locations vary every year and typically include Jane Addams Middle School, Nathan Hale High School, Ingraham High School, Denny Middle School, and Washington Middle School. Varsity teams can request a bus and will need to be confirmed by the Transportation department.

How many sports can I play?

A student can only participate in one sport per season. That’s one sport in the fall, another in the winter, and then a third in the spring.

When and where are practices?

Practices are held twice a week after school. Practices are usually Tues/Thursdays but can sometimes be Monday/Thursdays as well. Soccer, ultimate frisbee, and track practice at the Bitterlake field and basketball and volleyball use our gym. Exact practice dates will be determined at the beginning of the school year when coaches have been determined.

Athletic Paperwork

Middle School Athlete Forms

Use the following guide to register your student for athletic programming. Once complete, these forms should be forwarded to the school where your student is participating.

Student Athletic Forms

Step 1: Athletic Registration Forms

Print, complete and return forms to school. Please note, high school and K-8/middle school students complete the same form.


Student Athletic Registration Forms

  • Registration forms are valid for one school year only

Step 2: Physical Exam Form


Student-Athlete Medical Forms

  • The HISTORY document (Page 1) should be completed and remain with your provider
  • The EXAM document (Page 2) should be completed and remain with your provider
  • The MEDICAL ELIGIBILITY document (Page 3) should be the only item submitted to your school
  • Physicals are valid for 24 consecutive months

Step 3: Program Guardian Release & Warning Forms

All forms are required. 

Step 4: Sport-Specific Guardian Release & Warning Forms

For each school year, one form is required for each sport student will participate.

Step 5: Guardian Awareness Forms

Print, complete and return forms to school.

Information sheets should be read and referred to throughout the year, but Information sheets do not need to be turned in to the school.

Additional District Resources and Forms

Student Athletic Handbook

Middle School and K-8 Athletics Handbook

Enrollment/Cross-Enrollment – Athletics Only

This checklist is for students who wish to participate with their neighborhood school’s athletic programs but are either not enrolled within the district OR who current district students needing to be cross-enrolled from their alternative high school. If any questions about the checklist, please contact the athletic school where your student would be participating.

Athletics Only Checklist  

Student Insurance

Seattle Public Schools makes available a student accident insurance program that can be tailored to your family’s needs. To learn more about available plans/enrollment or to ask additional questions, visit the District’s Risk Management Department link below.

Student Insurance Information

District Policies

Student Participation Fees: “Pay to Play” fees have been discontinued. Check with your school for any other additional fees.