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Enrichment at Broadview-Thomson K-8

Broadview Thomson offers a wide array of enrichment programs for children in grades K-8. Some of these programs are offered within the school day, while others are offered either before or after school.

IGNITE WorldWide

IGNITE logo - Inspiring Girls Now in Technology Evolution

This program encourages our 4th-Middle School girls & non-binary students to consider career paths in Technology and the Sciences. Activities include field trips to a variety of companies wanting to host an experience for our students and Panel talks with women working in tech fields at our school.  We attend 2-4 trips each school year!

IGNITE School Club Flier

7th & 8th grade girls. Do you like Technology? 
Join Broadview Thomson's IGNITE Club! Contact Ms. Amato for details.

IGNITE introduces girls in grades 6-12 to technology and engineering careers via: IGNITE Panel Presentations, field trips to local companies and colleges, programing workshops robotics, workshops, job shadows and more. IGNITE is during the school day and is managed by teachers, at the school, check our our field trip to Microsoft in 1017.