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    Character Education/Counseling:

    Broadview Thomson believes in honoring students who are positive members of the school community. Students may be rewarded for showing positive virtues throughout the day.

    Student can be awarded Virtue Value slips for one of the following acts: responsibility, respect, caring, cooperation, and perseverance.

    Each month the teachers highlight one of the virtues and the students learn about it throughout the month. Students may be rewarded for showing positive virtues throughout the day.

    The virtue value slips are brought down to the office and every Friday a student from each grade level is called down to the office.

    That student gets to say their name over the intercom system, and they are given a certificate for being an“Outstanding School Leader.” The certificate is placed on bulletin board for the week and then the student takes it home.

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    • Show respect
    • Be safe with words and actions
    • Make good choices
    • Be a problem-solver


    The Counseling Department at Broadview-Thomson is integral in promoting a safe and caring school environment and supporting the social/emotional development of students.

    Our counselors provide individual and small group counseling, consult with parents and teachers about barriers to achievement, and promote a safe and caring school environment through classroom guidance and conflict mediation.

    As part of the bullying prevention program, our counseling team supports our school’s virtues (Caring, Cooperation, Perseverance,Respect and Responsibility) with the following curriculum:

    Guidance Curriculum:
    Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum (K-8)
    Kelso’s Choice: Conflict Management for Children (K-2) Special Programs.