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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Posted on 06/15/2016

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where do I turn in all of the paperwork?

    Please return all forms to Mr. Sims in room 210, the office, or Mr. Sims’s mailbox in the office.  They also can be e-mailed as a PDF to  Make sure they are complete and organized well (e.g., stapled together, in an envelope, or paper clipped together).

    What are sports physicals?

    Sports physicals are a quick check by a doctor to see if it’s safe for you to play sports.  They are valid for two years.  Be sure to schedule a sports physical early with your doctor/physician to ensure that your child has a valid sports physical before the season starts.  Students cannot attend practice or play in a game until they have a valid sports physical that clears them for participation.

    When are the games and where are they held?

    Games for all sports are on Saturdays ranging from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  When the District makes the schedules they will be passed out to students.  The locations vary every year and typically include Jane Addams Middle School, Nathan Hale High School, Ingraham High School, Denny Middle School, and Washington Middle School.  The school does not take a bus to the games; families must provide their own transportation and coaches cannot give rides.

    How many sports can I play?

    A student can only participate in one sport per season.  That’s one sport in the fall, another in the winter, and then a third in the spring.

    When and where are practices?

    Practices are held twice a week after school on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  Soccer, ultimate frisbee, and track practice at the Bitterlake field and basketball and volleyball use our gym.  Exact practice dates will be determined at the beginning of the school year.