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    Multi-Tiered System of Support

    We have an MTSS program operating at our school that uses multiple assessments to identify students in need of additional supports. Based on the individual needs of the students, both academic and social/emotional, we assign interventions.

    Teachers and support personnel regularly monitor student performance to help each student reach their learning potential. Interventions include:

    Sound Partners

    Sound Partners is a phonics-based tutoring program that provides individual explicit instruction in early reading skills to students who need it most.

    The program was specifically developed to reduce the number of students identified with reading disabilities by supplementing reading instruction for: first graders at highest risk of reading failure, second and third graders below grade level in reading, and students just learning the English language.

    Math Interventionist

    Our math interventionist, Jalynn Montes, works with teachers and students in grades K-5 to access and implement SPS math curriculum and intervention lessons.  She also oversees all district and state assessment cycles throughout the school year, and assists teachers in accessing and analyzing data from ongoing assessments (classroom and district-based) to inform and guide their instruction in math.