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BT Middle School Information Night 2022

A Middle School Information Night was held on January 27, 2022.

Here is more information on the topics discussed:

Broadview-Thomson Middle School

  • A diverse learning community! Over 37 languages are spoken ​
  • Smaller learning environment = more support​
  • Counseling services ​
  • Athletics, ASB, National Junior Honor Society – service learning ​
  • Advisory class ​
  • Electives:​
  • Intro to Comp Sci/Tech (6th Grade S1 Only)& STEM Innovation Lab​
  • PE​
  • Band and Orchestra​
  • Japanese ​
  •  AVID Program​
  • ELL Services​
  • Supports for students new to Seattle​
  • Continued support for students who have transitioned out of the program​
  • Work in small groups with individual attention whenever possible

Classroom Dynamics

  • Small class size: 20-25 students​
  • Students with IEP are often served in general education classrooms with push-in support.​
  • Mixed grade level classes enables students to expand thinking and skills through peer example.​
  • Classes partner with “buddy classrooms”​
  • Helps teach empathy and patience while working with younger students​
  • Provides Leadership opportunities for students.


  • Japanese 1 and 2​
  • Exploratory Japanese for 6th graders –  exploring Japanese language and culture​
  • 7th grade Japanese – receive one high school credit (Japanese 1) upon completion of this one-year course​
  • 8th grade Japanese – receive one high school credit (Japanese 2) upon completion​
  • PE/Health 6-8th health is now incorporated into all PE classes.​
  • Computer Science​
  • Includes all things STEM:  Robotics, 3D Printing, Coding, HTML, Python, JavaScript, Scratch


  • Advancement Via Individual Determination​
  • Nationally recognized program designed to close the achievement gap for all students by preparing all students for college readiness and a global society.  (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading)
  • Year long elective that can be taken for 3 years.


6th Grade Electives:​

  • S1 Intro to CS using Scratch​

7th/8th Grade Elective:​

  • Robotics/3D printing​
  • Advanced Programming

Band and Orchestra

  • Year-long classes for grades 6-8​
  • Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced musicians welcome.​
  • Small class sizes = individual attention & instruction tailored to students’ strengths and weaknesses​
  • Loaner instruments available​
  • Various performance opportunities including: school and regional concerts, individual performance opportunities, school events and assemblies, and more!

Language Arts

  • Language Arts classes are inclusion and immersion classes. This year, we have two ELL immersion classes (one for 6th and one for 7/8th) and three SPED inclusion classes. ​​
  • At Broadview, your student will have the same LA teachers for all three years, and we get to know our students really well during this time. We understand each student’s strengths and challenges and work hard to encourage and support each student. ​​
  • We offer a lot of small group support, modified work for students with IEPs and multilingual learners and strong support systems in place for students who are struggling. 
  • Teachers: Ms. Sugiyama (Gen Ed), Ms. Hogan (ELL) and Mr. Robertson (SPED), Ms. Deno (Academic Interventionist) ​

Special Education at Broadview-Thomson

  • Resource Room- Primarily inclusion-based supports. 22:1 ​
  • ACCESS 6th – 8th Inclusion with support 10:1:3​
  • Close communication and collaboration between special education teachers and classroom teachers​
  • Experienced support staff working with students daily
  • Teachers: Ms. Blake and Mr. Robinson

Middle School Science

  • Our focus is on phenomena-based learning where students solve problems related to the real world. 
  • The curriculum is based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and takes an integrated approach each year in middle school.​
  • It emphasizes real life skills that scientists and all citizens need, like collaboration, data anaylsis, making explanations, and communicating ideas.​
  • It emphasizes hands-on exploration and how to plan and carry out investigations.​
  • SPS uses the Amplify Curriculum, which has an online platform all students can access. 

Math-Improvement on Thoughts Based

  • Math is using symbols and tools to describe the patterns of relationships we see in the world. Our focus is on learning based on improving how we show understanding and explaining thought processes. ​
  • Students display their understanding through detailed steps and explanations with words.​
  • Examples of student activities are:​ Group projects​, Individual curriculum assignments​, Classroom activities​, Displaying understanding assessments

Social Studies

  • 6th Grade: World History, Civics, Geography, Economics​
  • 7th Grade: WA State History – Graduation Requirement, Civics, Geography, Economics​
  • 8th Grade: US History, Civics, Geography, Economics

Physical Education

  • Physical education is a semester long elective.  ​
  • Students will explore both health and skill related components of fitness.  ​
  • Activities include a multitude of individual and team sports that are designed to be approachable for all students.​
  • Students will participate in individual fitness improvement throughout the school year.​
  • I believe your student will find Physical education enjoyable at Broadview Thomson.


  • We have a really wonderful group of ASB students this year! ​
  • So far, ASB created and led a Winter Holiday door-decorating contest for the whole school. Many classrooms participated, and ASB had a great time judging all the doors. ​
  • Next up: Fundraiser event for Valentine’s Day with homemade valentine cards, candy bags and other goodies to purchase! 
  • Advisors: Ms. Pruit and Ms. Sugiyama

Computer Science and STEM activities

  • First LEGO League Robotics Team (FLL)
  • Competition Team ​
  • Semester long class​
  • Some Parent Involvement Needed​
  • Minor Monetary Expenses​
  • IGNITE Chapter
  • Inspiring Girls Now In Technology Evolution
  • Field Trips, Panel Talks, Programming Experiences & Job/Intern Info

After School Sports

  • Ultimate Frisbee (co-ed)​
  • Soccer (boys and girls)​
  • Basketball (boys and girls)​
  • Girls Volleyball (girls)​
  • Track (co-ed)​
  • Contact Mr. Robertson for more information

A Small School Means…

  • More attention on “whole student” ​
  • More flexibility with academic settings for students (ie. Push in/pull out support, IA’s, mixing grade levels, )​
  • Integrated, Project Based Learning​
  • Academic Interventionist has a small caseload of students to work with and track​
  • Greater Participation in Sports​
  • Students learning more about themselves as they move forward.​
  • Support during transition to Middle School and High School ​
  • Community Partnerships: Seattle University and UW tutors, You Grow Girl!, Sound Mental Health, Amazon Future Engineer FLL Grant, and more!

Important Info

  • If you currently attend 5th grade at Broadview, then you are guaranteed a middle school seat!​
  • You will need to opt out (or opt in if you are not a BT student) via a choice form (available Feb 1-Feb 28) 

Thank you for your interest in joining our diverse PK-8 learning community!