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    Building Leadership Team Bylaws & Documents from Meetings

    Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Broadview-Thomson Building Leadership Team is to address:

    1. The Continuous School Improvement Plan (C-SIP)
    2. Professional Development based on the C-SIP
    3. Budget matters related to the C-SIP

    In keeping with the spirit of mutual cooperation and respect, the Building Leadership Team shall be composed of representatives including an administrator, certificated and classified staff, and a parent representative.


    Each year the BLT will establish their working norms. Norms may be added to and adjusted by BLT as the year progresses.


    The Broadview-Thomson Building Leadership Team shall consist of the following members:

    1. Administrator 
    2. Classroom teacher (K-1)
    3. Classroom teacher (2-3)
    4. Classroom teacher (4-5)
    5. Classroom teacher (6)
    6. Classroom teacher (7)
    7. Classroom teacher (8)
    8. Certificated specialist (Librarian, Art, Tech, Language, Music, PE, Counseling)
    9. 1 ELL
    10. 1 Special Education
    11. 1 Spectrum
    12. 1 Classified (Parapro)
    13. 1 Classified (Secretarial)
    14. 1 Parent representative (elementary program)
    15. 1 Parent representative (middle school program)

    There will be an equal number of elementary and secondary specialists for positions 8 – 10. It shall be the responsibility of each representative to gather input from constituents and to represent the interests of his/her group as well as her/his own views.  Input from colleagues shall be obtained from constituents when necessary following a month BLT meeting.  
    BLT notes will be accessible on-line.