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    Broadview-Thomson Homework Policy  

    Homework is assigned either to reinforce and/or practice skills that have been learned or taught throughout the school day, or to complete task and/or projects that were begun in class. Homework can also be used to build background knowledge and introduce a skill/concept to be used in future lessons. Homework is often a perfect opportunity to differentiate to usher in success for all.  

    The weekday guidelines for homework are based on grade level.  Please note these are averages for the whole school year. There may be nights/evenings/weeks where students spend more time due to a project, etc 

    Grade Level

    Recommended Minutes of Reading Per Night

    Recommended Amount of Homework Per Night.



    0 minutes

    1st Grade


    5 minutes

    2nd Grade


    10 minutes

    3rd Grade


    10 – 15 minutes

    4th Grade


    10 – 20 minutes

    5th Grade


    10 – 20 minutes

    6th Grade


    30 – 60 minutes

    7th Grade


    30 – 60 minutes

    8th Grade


    30 – 60 minutes


    Teacher Responsibilities: 

    • To provide meaningful homework assignments that students can complete independently. 

    • To clearly communicate homework directions and expectations. 

    • To monitor the amount of homework assigned so that it corresponds to school guidelines. 

    • To provide feedback on homework in a timely manner 

    Student Responsibilities:  

    • To assume responsibility for completing homework independently and to the best of the student’s ability. 

    • To make sure to understand homework assignments by listening to directions, asking questions when something is unclear, and carefully reading instructions. 

    • To gather all necessary materials to complete assignments before leaving the classroom, and return homework assignments to school on time. 

    • To ask for help if they are having difficulty with the homework assigned. 

    Family Responsibilities: 

    • To provide a consistent routine and environment that is conducive to completing homework. Provide limits/guidelines on “screen time.” 

    • To ensure that the student receives the educational benefit from the assignment by encouraging independence, offering assistance and answering questions as needed without influencing the result. 

    • To notify the teacher if the homework is creating a problem at home.