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    IGNITE Field Trip to Microsoft
    Posted on 05/24/2017
    Microsoft Field Trip
    On April 20, 2017 Ms. Amato and eighteen 8th grade girls interested in Computer Science traveled to Microsoft for a field trip through IGNITE, Inspiring Girls Now In Technology Evolution.

    "is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and is an awardwinning State and National Best Practice program. IGNITE introduces girls in grades 612 to technology and engineering careers via: IGNITE Panel Presentations, field trips to local companies and colleges, programming workshops, robotics workshops, job shadows and more. 

    is during the school day and is managed by teachers, at the school. Girls are encouraged to take Computer Science and Engineering classes while they are in middle and high school. IGNITE partners with schools so that girls can get the support and encouragement they need to pursue these career paths.” 

    Girls Coding
    Students were greeted by women who work at Microsoft. They were lead through the lobby near the Visitors Center to a room filled with computers, prizes and snacks! The girls jumped on the Internet and away they went exploring. 

    The students got experience learning a programming language called, Small Basic.  They were given a set of instructions to create shapes, flowers, create loops and functions.  They had lots of fun showing off their designs and creations. Table of Girls

    "I got to code a turtle to move and make cool patterns and learn more about the women that work at Microsoft." said 8th grader Jaeda H. 

    "Today I learned that Small Basic is a free program and that I can get it off any computer. This event inspired me to continue coding!" wrote Marielle L.

    The women roamed around the room assisting the girls when they needed help coding. Along the way the girls answered questions and got prizes. Even Ms. Amato won a prize!  A Starter Pack Windows 10 ioT Core for Raspberry Pi 3. "Score!" Ms. AmatoAfter the programming lesson, the girls got to eat lunch together--pizza, salad, cookies and drinks.  

    "I also liked just having conversations with the Microsoft people."  comment 8th grader Daniella H.

    After lunch the women told their stories of how they ended up working for Microsoft. The talked about personal interests, school, college degrees, job experience and salaries. The girls asked lots of great questions!

    8th grader Tilly W. reflected, "I was inspired by the stories of the volunteers lives. I loved hearing them explain how they got where they were and how they were able to overcome challenges."

    After the Panel discussion was over all the girls got to tour the Visitors Center and gift shop. They had a blast trying out all of Microsoft's video games and gadgets.  Xbox

     All in all, it was an exciting day! 

    "I enjoyed that we could actually program. I really liked listening to their stories because I could actually relate to them and this inspired me to work in STEM. I would like to change the amount of percentage for women." commented Ariana S-E.

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