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    zSpace Bus Visits Broadview
    Posted on 04/24/2017
    zSpace Bus with students

    On March 27th, 6th grade students in Ms. Amato's 6th & 7th periods had a virtual learning experience aboard the zSpaces bus which visited Seattle to meet with district leaders in Science and Career & Technical Education departments about their products. 

    Karen Beshak, a rep of zSpace, was delighted to visit Broadview Thomson in the afternoon! She and her colleague did a fantastic job showing the kids how to use the stylist, wear the 3D glasses and move through the computer applications.

    Karen Beshak

    girl virtual

    Students were able to dissect virtual animals, look inside the human heart,  build complex circuits, explore the solar system, build molecules and look inside atoms among many other applications.

    "My favorite thing that I did on the zSpace computers yesterday was the animal app where we took the animals apart and saw what they were made of." said Mackenzie B.,

    "It was my favorite because I have never done anything like that before and I thought it was super cool!"

    virtual circuits

    boys virt


    Ms. Amato is hoping to have the bus return in the Fall so more students at Broadview can experience virtual learning with zSpaces. 

    She is also  looking into using
    Donors Choose to get funding to purchase four fully loaded computers for next  year.virtual animals boys

    Click on hyperlink
    zSpace to visit their website and learn more!